Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year! Well our class welcomed the New Year right with a little fun and learning!
We had so much fun doing this class math project!
We all talked about the different times everyone went to bed on New Years Eve or New Years Day for some.
We then put the time on a clock that we went to bed. We also labeled it a.m. or p.m.
 I was vey shocked that many went to bed before midnight. They all had great reasons though.
I loved Drew's reason; He had to go to bed so he could go Skiing the next day. So fun!
We then made a graph of all the different times that we went to bed. Most of us went to bed between 12:00- 1:00 a.m.
They then got to draw a picture of themselves on New Years Eve or New Years Day.
It is now all posted in the hall.

No Marley, No!

Have you ever heard of Marley the dog? Maybe you have seen the movie "Marley"? We had a blast reading "A Very Marley Christmas" by. John Grogan as a class. We laughed as Marley the dog made a mess of so many Christmas decorations! We then wrote Marley poems! About what we didn't want Marley to get into during Christmas at our house. Some of the ideas really were hilarious. It was also a great way for everyone to practice contractions as they were telling Marley what he ; can't, won't, don't ect.. do!

Jellyfish Life!

I really wanted to get to this post sooner. Oh well here it is now. We made fact and opinion Jellyfish a while back. They were so fun. You can see some of the steps they went through to create their Jellyfish. They first colored the bowl with washable marker, then they covered it with paper mache! So much fun one of my favorite reading/art projects of the year. :)


The week or so before winter break we got to learn all about holidays around the world. During learning about Kwanzaa we learned about the 7 principles of Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa is an African American Holiday, and was absolutely thrilling to learn about. I hope everyone who was there at the 2nd Grade "Holidays Around the World" enjoyed our awesome Kwanzaa round we sang and poem. 

Cave Art in Mrs. Barnes' Class

We have the amazing opportunity to have university students come down from BYU-Idaho and occasionally teach an art lesson in our classroom. Check out this AMAZING cave art they created! I love it because not only was this an art lesson, but also a history lesson.
Thanks BYUI Ladies for all you do!