Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wax Museum

The other week we had our wax museum.  The students did such a fabulous job. The presentations were amazing, and so creative. I snapped some pics incase you didn't get a chance to see. If you would like a copy of your child's picture just let me know.

-Mrs. Barnes

Friday, February 7, 2014

A Bad Case of Stripes Play Parts

I can't believe the time has come yet again! We don't have our actual production of our mini- musical until mid May. With that being said we start learning the songs in Feb.!
I am posting who is who this year. Be looking for scripts to be coming home on Monday. All parts need to be memorized by April 10th.
Narrator 1: Annie
Narrator 2: Ari
Camilla Cream- Emerson
Mrs. Cream- Mallory
Dr. Bumble- Everett
Dr. Bee- Jackson
Little Old Lady- Chloe
Dr. Gourd- Jase
Dr. Melon- Isaac
Mr. Cream- Sam
Principal- Jett
News Reporter Jan- London
News Reporter Jackie- Adrianna
Dr. Lemon- Ava
Dr. Young- Drew
Dr. Grop- Kacie
Dr. Cricket- Taryn
Dr. Sponge- Yostyn
Naturopath Nancy- Averie
Kid 1- Alex
Kid 2- Zarek
Kid 3- Lexy
Kid 4- Julissa
Camerawoman- Abby
Everyone has a part to memorize. Let the fun begin!
~Mrs. Barnes~