Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Unpack Your Adjectives

Over the last few weeks we have been going over the different parts of speech. We started with nouns, next verbs, and now we are onto adjectives. The other day we made self portraits, and wrote down adjectives that describes us! It was so much fun!
Also below you can click the links to watch the video clips that helped us learn about adjectives.

Plants Part 2

 We are diving in deep with this plant unit y'all! What a fun time it has been. I forgot to mention that we started our unit with the 6 kingdoms of living things, with a main focus on Kingdom Plantae.
We also have gotten to know more about plants and their life cycle.  Check out all about the life cycle in our pictorial below. I think pollination is what was most interesting to the students.

Morgan and David have been studying about leaves in our class. They did their own presentation on leaves with a pictorial poster they created. SO much fun! Check it out below they did amazing!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Plants, Plants, PLANTS!

We have been busy studying all about PLANTS! We are having so much. We started off our unit with an "Inquiry Chart" to see what we knew and what we wanted to know. We now have talked about what plants Have, Can do, are, and need. We also have compared plants and people. There are a lot of differences, but we also found some similarities. Check it all out below on our class anchor charts and student samples!