Monday, January 5, 2015

Polar Express

The Polar Express has to be one of my holiday movie favorites. We had such a fun time. We read the book, and watched the movie. We enjoyed the movie with Hot Cocoa and cookies. Huge thanks to Richie's mom and Starbucks for providing our Hot Chocolate needs!
We finished up the day talking about the story structure of Polar Express (Setting, characters, problem, and solution). We wrote all about it on our sparkly Polar Express Trains!

Holiday Craft Day

The Holidays just flew by didn't they??! We had a blast learning about holidays all around the world. We also had a fabulous craft day. I am sure you saw many of the ornaments that came home from that day, but look below to check out a few that we did.

Sight Words- Fry 100

I am always trying to find new ways for them to practice their sight words. Our most recent venture has been a cut and paste "Guess The Fry 100 Word". I love how this also helps them with their coordination with the cutting and fitting of the letters. These are the words that you see come home every week on the top of the homework packet. Tell them to be a cheerleader and cheer the words for you! They will know exactly what to do!


Jellyfish are one of the things I love studying with my students and was part of our ocean unit. We made Paper Mache fact and opinion Jellies (top picture). We had studying about them discussed the difference between facts and opinions and recorded. This is a great stepping stone for us as later this year we will be doing animal research.
We also have been working a lot on math story problems over the past 6 weeks. We did many ocean themed math scenes. The above ones were of a subtraction problem where Sea Horses got stung and died by some Jellyfish!

Author's Purpose

Hey All! I am having to play a little catch up here on posts. In November and going into early December we were learning about the ocean. I like to tie what we are learning about in science or social studies into reading, and math. Above you can see our Author's Purpose whales. We learned about how author's have three different reasons for writing; 1. Persuade 2. Inform or 3. Entertain. We read a short selection together as a class about an aquarium. We decided that the reason for the author writing this selection was to inform. We made little Author's Purpose Whales explaining what the author informed us about!